Anna Barth

DanceArt Laboratory

Dance Concrete – The Memory of the Body

The DanceArt Laboratory Berlin is committed to mediation, research and further development of knowledge concerning body and dance. Bodywork, Improvisation and Composition are forming the essential pilars. The experience of the body’s sensual and concrete existence as microcosmos, intimately connected and interwoven with the macrocosmos forms the core of the work.

The body-memory reaches back to a space-time before we were born, senses, emotions, dreams and recollections are embedded within. To enter, to move and to work within these fields of energy build an essential part of the creative process. Emphasis is laid on awareness and understanding of each participant’s own and unique movement potential. The soul and the imagination of the dancer are elemental forces that bring dynamics, sound, colour and taste to the dance.

Emphasis of Bodywork

  • Grounding – Contact of soles of feet and pelvis to floor

  • Alignment of Bones

  • Concentrated Walking

  • Balance of Tension / Release

  • Emptiness – Stillness / Stasis – The Space Between

  • Subtle Energies – Inside – Outside

  • Inner Images – Imagination

  • Improvisation

  • Composition


Improvisation sharpens our senses for space, time, motion-emotion and gesture as well as the sense for the body’s presence. Within a series of structured and free improvisations we explore and practise the rather intuitive awareness and understanding of motion/non-motion(stasis), the transparency of the body and it’s ability of transformation. We work from the inside out, at the borders of consciousness and unconsciousness, thereby approaching a rather instinctive frequency of awareness inscribed in the deeper level of the body.


Bringing the own movement material with its various elements into relationship and giving it an artistic form.

Participation is open to all levels of movers, dancers and non-dancers, body- and movement researchers, who want to explore and refine awareness, attention and presence of their own body. No previous knowledge is required. Each participant works at his own pace and level.